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From Caves to Cliffs in Gansbaai

Posted on Tue August 3, 2021.

Gansbaai truly has unsurpassed natural beauty  along its stretches of white sandy beaches and energetic sea life that crash through the waves in to the cobalt waters of the coast. These are scenic experiences that you can enjoy just from the balcony of one of our rooms at 65onCliff. But if you want to go in search of the caverns and hidden passageways carved into the rocky landscape, take a look at these top caves and cliffs in Gansbaai.

Gideon’s Cave

If you are after an exhilarating experience (and aren’t claustrophobic) then crawling along the narrow passage to the breathtaking cave ahead is well worth the short shuffle on your hands and knees. The cave is only accessible during low tide, so be careful.

Pillar Cave

This is known as a ‘dry cave’ that highlights to great effect the stretch of cemented cobblestone that is found at a uniform height along the coast. Feel the winds that blow through the cave and listen to the crashing waves beyond. The view from within the cave is awe-inspiring.

While exploring, notice the evidence s of the prehistoric cave people that called these caves home over a millennia ago. The caves are a great way to discover the great historical importance of the region as well as experience the majestic bird life, seals, dolphins, whales and other amazing wild life that has made the Overberg its home. If you like the sound of these caves and would like to know more, read our article dedicated to three more De Kelders’ caves, and do  make sure that the caves you visit are open for exploring.

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