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Whats so Great about Summer?

Posted on Tue August 3, 2021.

Spring has nearly sprung its last sprinkling of blooms and blossoms as we head into the summer months and the holiday season. At 65onCliff, our accommodation in De Kelders is a hot spot for holiday goers looking to soak up the warm weather and enjoy incomparable views of the cool azure waters just a stone’s throw away.

What’s so great about summer?

The Beach, Oceans and Dams

Nothing beats cooling off on a hot day like plunging into a cool body of water, whether it’s the blow-up pool in your backyard, a lake, a dam or the ocean, there’s a moment (it’s a ‘ah summer is finally here’ moment) that feeling of weightlessness as the water carries you along slowly, lapping against your body and the sun warms the parts of you that aren’t submerged.

Outdoor Activities

This may seem redundant because you can still do outdoor activities during the other seasons (you just need to pick a good day) but in summer, you generally could pick any day and you’ll be guaranteed fabulous weather. Have a giant picnic or visit the multitude of incredible festivals happening in and around the Overberg these coming months and enjoy the facets of summer that sometimes get overlooked like little umbrella’s in drinks, walking barefoot on lush green grass and tasting this season’s fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Days are Longer

Now this might not sound like a whole lot of fun for those of us still working but when you’re on holiday, you want time to stand still so that you can be in the moment as long as possible. Summer days give you those extra couple of hours to plan some awesome activities for your special romantic getaway or a trip with family and friends.

At 65onCliff, our team are dedicated to making sure you have a wonderfully memorable stay for one night or as many nights as you like, book now to stay at this premier Overberg accommodation and enjoy a summer holiday filled with a lifetime of memories.