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Fun & Flora at the Hermanus Flower Festival

Posted on Tue August 3, 2021.

The Western Cape is home to the most diverse selection of flora and fauna, and Table Mountain takes the crown for being a World Heritage Site as well as having the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom.

Table Mountain isn’t the only spot to “smell the roses” and while away the hours amongst the wilderness, veld and the daisies. Many  towns are  celebrating the first month of spring and the beginnings of summer with their own festivals of flora.

The Hermanus Botanical Society’s Flower Festival begins this week and runs until this Sunday the 28th September at the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. We  know what the landscape looks like as it is today, but what if you could experience what the explorers saw when first travelling through the area? Or marvel at how technology and techniques have changed when discovering, chronicling and documenting new species never before seen until today. This year The Hermanus Flower Festival theme is “Plant Explorers: Then & Now” – which means you too can experience the landscape as it once was when the explorers first stepped foot here.

If time-travelling isn’t your forte, then the many mini-garden exhibitions will feed your inspiration with ingenious ideas for cultivating your own garden or veggie patch no matter the size. Find everything you need to start your garden or continue growing it by visiting the many stalls dedicated to tools, accessories, seeds, organic materials and absolutely anything you’d need to tend your garden.

The Hermanus Botanical Society’s Flower Festival is only a few kilometres from our accommodation in De Kelders. The Festival will also feature some of the most delicious organic and artisanal foods from the many stalls along the way. Make sure to get your family and friends tickets to this year’s Hermanus Botanical Society’s Flower Festival and book your stay with 65onCliff to make this weekend a getaway to remember.