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Beautiful Hiking Trails in Gansbaai

Posted on Tue August 3, 2021.

What better way to explore the incredibly beautiful landscapes around Gansbaai than to do so on foot. Come visit some of Gansbaai’s gorgeous hiking trails.

Gansbaai is well known for it’s exceptional and rugged landscapes. The fynbos wildernesses, rolling mountains, milkwood forests, expansive beaches and exquisite cliff and cave systems all make it the ideal area to take a hiking holiday. The diversity of the environments also provides a wide range of terrains that suit any fitness level, from relaxed to challenging. So whether you want long, easy walks or intensive full day hikes, the bountiful reserves and conservancies in and around Gansbaai make for fantastic hiking.

And of course with all the amazing biodiversity comes an abundance of wildlife, birds and animals that can only be truly seen and appreciated on foot. Even whale watching can be done on foot in these beautiful surroundings!

You can take organised hikes or professionally guided trails through some of the beautiful reserves and conservancies, which provides unique and interesting insights into the amazing floral, animal and bird species which abound, as well as spectacular views and vistas. These guided hiking trails can also be chosen based on whether you want a leisurely and scenic trip or an invigorating and challenging day out.

For the more avid hikers there is also the option of hiking on ones own, and there are a myriad different trails and routes from which to choose.

Here are just some of the trails, reserves and conservancies where you will find some of Gansbaais most diverse and beautiful hiking trails:

  • De Uijlenes
  • Farm 215 nature retreat & fynbos reserve
  • Flower Valley
  • Grootbos Nature Reserve
  • Grootmelkhoutbos trail
  • Heidehof Medicinal Walks
  • Klipgat or Duiwelsgat trail
  • Milkwood Hiking Trail
  • Perlemoen Trail
  • Platbos – Africa’s Southernmost Forest
  • Sandberg Fynbos Reserve
  • The Fynbos Trail
  • Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy