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Visit a Pretty Gansbaai Beach

Posted on Tue August 3, 2021.

For all  the sun lovers and beach enthusiasts out there, Gansbaai is an absolute haven of beautiful, non-commercial and virtually untouched beaches.

The entire Gansbaai coast line is decorated with beautiful beaches. Known as the “coast of contrasts” there are beaches to fulfil just about any requirement you might have of a beach day! While just about every Gansbaai beach comes complete with stunning white sands and ideal swimming conditions, some are better suited than others to your needs.

If you are looking for a secluded Gansbaai beach on which to tan and relax in privacy then you should consider make a plan to visit the beautiful Buffelsjagsbaai beach, or one of the many private coves along Die Plaat’s 17km stretch.

Stanford’s Bay, situated closest to De Kelders is the ideal space for a family picnic with it’s rolling lawn and swimming friendly waters. Families will also enjoy the busy and popular expanses of Pearly beach for swimming, playing and picnicking too.

For the activites and adventure seekers, Die Plaat is the perfect Gansbaai beach for kite-flying and sand-boarding while Uilkraal is the idea spot for rowing and watersports.

Avid hikers will love the dunes and long walking trails that wind through beaches like Die Plaat, Walker bay and Pearly beach,or the more secluded and hard to get to pathways around Kleinbaai and Ulkraal. But all of these Gansbaai beaches are also ideal even if it is only a long quiet walk you are after.

And then for the avid anglers and bird watchers amongst you, or those who want to explore the rocky outcrops and pools for signs of the abundant sealife, Franskraal, Uilkraal and the lovely Pearly beaches are where you will find the best rock and beach fishing, an abundance of nesting birdlife and exciting tidal pools and rock formations.