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The Wonders of Whale Watching

Posted on Tue August 3, 2021.

Hermanus and Gansbaai are world renowned for being two of the very best places on the globe for whale watching! Frequented 6 months out of the year by impressive numbers of Southern Right Whales, visitors to Gansbaai are guaranteed quite a show. The whales descend upon the Gansbaai area from June until as late as March each year, although official whale season ends in December. They arrive just in time for their birthing and mating season, so not only will you see whales, but there is the distinct possibility of catching a glimpse of whale babies too!

The whales are not shy either. There is no need to go looking for them, they are everywhere. Many surfers and swimmers find themselves inadvertently becoming the swimming companions of these majestic giants, while their songs and grunts can be heard in the evenings as far as 2km away.

For the land lubbers there are many whale watching points and stations along the coastline around Gansbaai, but for those who want to get a little closer to the action there are also many whale watching boat cruises available too.

So if Whales are your thing, and you have always wanted to see a few up close and personal, Gansbaai is definitely the place for you.