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Giving the Gift of a Guest House

So you’ve made your list and you’ve checked it twice but have you thought that there may be the perfect gift for someone (or everyone!) on your holiday list right here in De Kelders? Whether you want to treat someone to a night or plan a holiday getaway for a week, 65onCliff is the perfect destination gift.

Giving the gift of a guest house stay at 65onCliff is a gift that gives twice. Think about the reaction and excitement when they find out and then again when they stay here in one of our four sea-facing guest rooms.


What can your special someone expect when staying at 65onCliff?

Southern Right whales may be viewed from your room most days during the holiday season. De Kelders offers some of the best land-based whale watching in the world, but for the adventurous at heart, Great White shark cage diving is only 10 minutes away.

Here at 65onCliff, your special gift will just keep on giving. 65onCliff was expertly designed to take advantage of the spectacular views over Walker Bay to Hermanus. It’s a place of relaxation after a day of exploration around this special part of the Western Cape. Less than an hour away from a multitude of vineyards and small towns, De Kelders is a charming suburb of Gansbaai with an eclectic mix of restaurants, charming shops and cafés in the area, your gift will be one of many priceless memories.


So give the gift of 65onCliff, our team is dedicated to making sure our guests have the best experience possible with personable staff, fabulous food and luxurious rooms with incomparable views and service.

Whats so Great about Summer?

Spring has nearly sprung its last sprinkling of blooms and blossoms as we head into the summer months and the holiday season. At 65onCliff, our accommodation in De Kelders is a hot spot for holiday goers looking to soak up the warm weather and enjoy incomparable views of the cool azure waters just a stone’s throw away.

What’s so great about summer?


The Beach, Oceans and Dams

Nothing beats cooling off on a hot day like plunging into a cool body of water, whether it’s the blow-up pool in your backyard, a lake, a dam or the ocean, there’s a moment (it’s a ‘ah summer is finally here’ moment) that feeling of weightlessness as the water carries you along slowly, lapping against your body and the sun warms the parts of you that aren’t submerged.

Outdoor Activities

This may seem redundant because you can still do outdoor activities during the other seasons (you just need to pick a good day) but in summer, you generally could pick any day and you’ll be guaranteed fabulous weather. Have a giant picnic or visit the multitude of incredible festivals happening in and around the Overberg these coming months and enjoy the facets of summer that sometimes get overlooked like little umbrella’s in drinks, walking barefoot on lush green grass and tasting this season’s fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Days are Longer

Now this might not sound like a whole lot of fun for those of us still working but when you’re on holiday, you want time to stand still so that you can be in the moment as long as possible. Summer days give you those extra couple of hours to plan some awesome activities for your special romantic getaway or a trip with family and friends.

At 65onCliff, our team are dedicated to making sure you have a wonderfully memorable stay for one night or as many nights as you like, book now to stay at this premier Overberg accommodation and enjoy a summer holiday filled with a lifetime of memories.

From Caves to Cliffs in Gansbaai

Gansbaai truly has unsurpassed natural beauty  along its stretches of white sandy beaches and energetic sea life that crash through the waves in to the cobalt waters of the coast. These are scenic experiences that you can enjoy just from the balcony of one of our rooms at 65onCliff. But if you want to go in search of the caverns and hidden passageways carved into the rocky landscape, take a look at these top caves and cliffs in Gansbaai.

Gideon’s Cave

If you are after an exhilarating experience (and aren’t claustrophobic) then crawling along the narrow passage to the breathtaking cave ahead is well worth the short shuffle on your hands and knees. The cave is only accessible during low tide, so be careful.

Pillar Cave

This is known as a ‘dry cave’ that highlights to great effect the stretch of cemented cobblestone that is found at a uniform height along the coast. Feel the winds that blow through the cave and listen to the crashing waves beyond. The view from within the cave is awe-inspiring.

While exploring, notice the evidence s of the prehistoric cave people that called these caves home over a millennia ago. The caves are a great way to discover the great historical importance of the region as well as experience the majestic bird life, seals, dolphins, whales and other amazing wild life that has made the Overberg its home. If you like the sound of these caves and would like to know more, read our article dedicated to three more De Kelders’ caves, and do  make sure that the caves you visit are open for exploring.

Choose 65onCliff to be your home away from home this holiday season. We are a dedicated team, passionate about making sure our guests have a wonderfully memorable stay.






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From the Cape to De Kelders: Markets in the Cape

Making your Way through the Markets in the Cape

The Western Cape (and especially the Overberg) is jam packed with incredible markets that vary from traditional crafts to musical instruments. In some markets you’ll find a hidden gem trapped under a heap of old magazines or that door handle you’ve been looking for but no one makes it anymore. From Cape Town to De Kelders, there are ample opportunities to haggle, rummage and relax as you walk along the paths of a market, never knowing what you might find.

Cape Town Green Market Square

This market may traditionally cater for the souvenir and tourist market, but you will often find uniquely South African crafts along the cobbled stone square. You will hear the music vibrating against the Art Deco buildings and the elaborately decorated facade of the Market House.

Somerset West Country Craft Market

If you want a fun day out and looking for exquisite hand-crafted accessories, clothing, beadwork, woodwork (and so much more), then head to the Country Craft Market in Somerset West on your way to De Kelders. They have activities for the kids, a myriad of stalls dedicated to all types of hand-crafted goods. There is no doubt that you will find something to fall in love with and not be able to live without.

Elgin Valley Market

As you head through the Overberg, closer to your accommodation in De Kelders, you should stop off at the Peregrine Farm Stall where there is a weekly market. The market showcases art, food products, curios and fresh fare. The food court is especially fantastic as it houses deli products, a variety of wines, desserts, light meals and loads more.

Hermanuspietersfontein Market

You may be a hop and a skip away from 65onCliff as you head through Hermanus but make sure to stop off at the market held every Saturday at the Hermanuspietersfontein Wine Cellars. They hold a weekly food and wine market where tastings are free and the food is unforgettable.

We’ve given you the tip of the iceberg, there are heaps more markets to experience and we will always be your home away from home as your accommodation in De Kelders. Our team (but it’s more like a family) are passionate about their work and making sure our guests have a wonderfully memorable stay.

So, how can we help you plan the perfect holiday?


Fun & Flora at the Hermanus Flower Festival

The Western Cape is home to the most diverse selection of flora and fauna, and Table Mountain takes the crown for being a World Heritage Site as well as having the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom.

Table Mountain isn’t the only spot to “smell the roses” and while away the hours amongst the wilderness, veld and the daisies. Many  towns are  celebrating the first month of spring and the beginnings of summer with their own festivals of flora.

The Hermanus Botanical Society’s Flower Festival begins this week and runs until this Sunday the 28th September at the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. We  know what the landscape looks like as it is today, but what if you could experience what the explorers saw when first travelling through the area? Or marvel at how technology and techniques have changed when discovering, chronicling and documenting new species never before seen until today. This year The Hermanus Flower Festival theme is “Plant Explorers: Then & Now” – which means you too can experience the landscape as it once was when the explorers first stepped foot here.

If time-travelling isn’t your forte, then the many mini-garden exhibitions will feed your inspiration with ingenious ideas for cultivating your own garden or veggie patch no matter the size. Find everything you need to start your garden or continue growing it by visiting the many stalls dedicated to tools, accessories, seeds, organic materials and absolutely anything you’d need to tend your garden.

The Hermanus Botanical Society’s Flower Festival is only a few kilometres from our accommodation in De Kelders. The Festival will also feature some of the most delicious organic and artisanal foods from the many stalls along the way. Make sure to get your family and friends tickets to this year’s Hermanus Botanical Society’s Flower Festival and book your stay with 65onCliff to make this weekend a getaway to remember.

Have your Next Holiday in De Kelders

De Kelders is a popular destination close to Gansbaai and the area is known for its freshwater rock pools. Gansbaai is a coastal town that is a well-known for its fishing and is ideal  for locals and visiting tourists from other parts of the country, and overseas. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, De Kelders is a great choice for any traveller looking for a relaxing and luxurious environment to enjoy.

But great fishing spots are not the only attractions of  this popular destination. Choosing to have your holiday in De Kelders allows you to enjoy whale watching; this is a magnificent pastime and a great way to enjoy the ocean views. De Kelders name means  ‘rock pools’ and it is certainly descriptive of the area. It’s your home away from home, ideal for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts where you can enjoy different flower farms, botanical gardens and many indigenous forests.

When it comes to accommodation, 65onCliff has everything you need to make your stay all the more enjoyable. Not only can you enjoy magnificent sea views but you can also enjoy luxurious rooms with queen sized beds, satellite television, tea and coffee stations and more. It’s ideal for single travellers, or couples looking for a romantic getaway. There is a good variety of local restaurants and with the various outdoor activities you can enjoy a truly magnificent holiday.

65onCliff offers you great accommodation in De Kelders and it’s the perfect location for a relaxing holiday. Whether you are looking for a short weekend stay or an extended holiday during any season, contact our friendly team to find out more about what our establishment can offer you.

Looking Forward to a Summer in Gansbaai

With spring in the air and summer on the horizon, Gansbaai should be your destination of choice.  Whether it is a weekend break or a good week’s holiday, this  interesting coastal town has something to offer everyone.

Summer in Gansbaai is an experience not to be missed.  From great accommodation to authentic restaurants and a vibrant atmosphere, spending time here will provide you with lots of memories.

The upcoming Funky Fynbos Festival on the 12th to the 14th of September heralds the start of the festivities for the warmer months.  Gansbaai will be action-packed and raring to go in celebration of all things energetic and exciting.

If there is one thing that most people enjoy about summer it is being outdoors.  This area offers so much to see and do; the list is endless.  Not all holidays are about keeping busy every second of the day and Gansbaai offers a happy medium between great adrenalin activities and clean white beaches to relax on.

There is no shortage of places to stay in Gansbaai and the Overberg region, it is overflowing with Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Self-catering units.  Each one is unique in its own way and offers excellent facilities to their guests.

Summer provides awe and splendour watching the southern right whales; they arrive to calf and mate in June and usually leave in late December.   Whale watching can be done from the land or by boat; the whales can get so close that either can provide you with great views.

If it is not the accommodation, beaches, whales or the beautiful surrounds of Gansbaai that will attract you, perhaps it would be getting up close and personal with a Great White Shark that would be the draw-card.

The waters around Gansbaai are teeming with these magnificent beasts all year round and visitors may go cage diving, offered  by  a number of excellent companies.   This epic adventure is not for the faint-hearted.

All-in-all Gansbaai has a lot to offer tourists and summer is the perfect time to experience it all.

Planning the Perfect Holiday at the Coast

If you are planning your holiday, choosing a destination close to the coast is always exciting. This is why Hermanus and the surrounding area is so popular; enjoying sea views and spending time on the beach makes any holiday worthwhile. This is why it is so important to make sure that you plan your holiday at the coast to the last detail, including finding the perfect guest house in the Hermanus area.

When you plan your holiday accommodation, always make sure that you get a room or unit that will be comfortable. You may  want additional features like DSTV, air-conditioning and internet connectivity, which you can confirm before you make your booking. Make sure that you will have secure parking and perhaps enquire about dinner and breakfast options. Most guest houses along the coast will offer you magnificent sea views too, so that’s an added bonus to appreciate. The more comfortable you can make your stay, the more you will enjoy the time away from home.

The beauty of Hermanus is well known, with a wide variety of beautiful nature trails and outdoor activities to enjoy. This is the perfect coastal getaway location. If you are a nature lover you will definitely appreciate the outdoors and the history of this region. You should consider guest houses near Hermanus when you plan your holiday.

65onCliff, in De Kelders is undoubtedly one of the best of among  Hermanus guest houses. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or an extended holiday, you will enjoy our luxurious rooms and many different amenities. Contact us today to find out how we can offer you a magnificent holiday experience.


The Perfect Guest House near Hermanus

As a traveller you might be looking for a popular spot to enjoy your vacation in South Africa. Gansbaai is the ideal location as it is not only has beautiful surroundings to enjoy but great facilities as well. Guest houses in Gansbaai are very popular, especially for tourists wishing to see the Great White Sharks and the Southern Right Whales, and they offer a variety of accommodation options for any traveller or local to enjoy.

65onCliff is a very popular guest house near Hermanus. Not only do we offer magnificent views of Walker Bay but we also offer luxury accommodation options for you to enjoy. We have four different and stylish rooms to choose and we have everything you need to enjoy your stay in Gansbaai. All rooms are stylishly decorated to ensure that you have a great accommodation experience while visiting the Whale Coast.

Our rooms offer DSTV, coffee and tea making facilities, magnificent sea views and a private balcony to enjoy our wonderful surroundings. There is also secure off-street parking available and we serve breakfast every morning. Mudge Point offers you a queen sized bed, air conditioning, and panoramic views. Our Otterbaai room also offers a full en-suite shower with a bath in the bedroom for you to enjoy. You can also book our Langbaai room, or our Sopiesklip room which has an additional outside shower to enjoy. Our gorgeous  rooms are all fitted out with your comfort in mind.

With a variety of rooms to choose from and breath-taking sea views, 65onCliff is definitely a great destination for locals and tourists alike. Contact us today to find out more about our property or to make a booking for your next trip.


The Best Wine Farms Near Gansbaai

If you are planning on exploring the Overberg region this winter or are staying in our luxury Gansbaai accommodation nestled in De Kelders, then a day of wine tasting, at some of the best wine farms near Gansbaai, on a chilly day is just the ticket.

Wake up in 65onCliff to a stunning view of Walker Bay, enjoy a delicious hot breakfast then head out for a day of exploring the Overberg Winelands.

Make your first stop at Farm 215 a private nature reserve where you can overlook the beautiful vineyards of Lomond. Farm 215 offers tastings of the stunning Lomond Wines where you can savour the notes of wood spice and berries in the syrah and the smokey, plummy flavours of the Merlot. They also produce Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Semillon, Nouvelle, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and a Viognier.

Then take a leisurely drive to Stanford Hills Estate, just outside of Stanford and only 22 km’s from our sea view accommodation in Gansbaai. This boutique wine estate produces an award winning Pinotage that has an earthy cherry and lavender flavour, and also produce a wonderful Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. And while there you can enjoy the stunning array of proteas, the two rose gardens and the 15 year old olive groves.

Image: Courtesy of Stanford Hills Estate